Loccioni Group

Assessing the final product cost from the design phase with LeanCOST


The Loccioni Group designs measurement, control, automation systems to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of products and processes in different business areas: Energy, Environment, Industry, Humancare, Mobility, Transport, and Aerospace.

The company customises each project, integrating the best skills with innovative technologies, building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers for mutual development.


On the wave of significant growth, the Loccioni Group feels the need to increase the quantity of annual codes to be managed and consolidate the number of machining and carpentry suppliers.

All this while reducing the costs and time associated with the various stages of design, procurement, assembly, and distribution.

Behind Loccioni Group’s success:


Today, LeanCOST can be found in several locations, bridging the technical and purchasing departments. It has become an indispensable tool supporting the daily work of more than 20 people who collaborate to optimise costs.

Starting from any 3D model, it is now possible to arrive at the definition of a complete, quick and detailed estimate, allowing the flow of information to be managed more smoothly and accurately.

Product cost management right from the design phase;

Rapid evaluation of the impact of technical changes on the final product cost;

Standardisation of cost estimation methods;

• Reduction of negotiation times;

Increased collaboration with suppliers.

“Thanks to LeanCOST, it is no longer necessary to complete the analysis project to obtain a cost estimate. Now, it is possible to obtain a realistic assessment of the final project cost at an early stage of design”.


Costing Manager

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.