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More accurate and faster production technology selection thanks to LeanCOST


The BLM Group designs and manufactures machinery and systems dedicated to the entire tube process.

With over 50 years of experience, the parent company BLM SpA offers tailor-made services and solutions with a constant focus on innovation.


With the need to optimise the product quotation and costing process, BLM was looking for a tool that would allow engineers to quickly obtain accurate estimates.

For this reason, they decided to introduce LeanCOST in the company, which allowed them to have full control over product and process costs.

Some of the results achieved


Reduction of time for cost estimation of components for in-house production and purchasing.


Savings in internal production costs due to better cost awareness during the design phase.


Increased accuracy in cost estimation.


Reduction of the average negotiation time with suppliers from 7 days to one day.

Behind BLM Group’s success:


Have full control over product and process costs;

Optimise the cost evaluation process, significantly increasing accuracy;

Achieve significant savings, with drastic cuts in internal production costs;

Enable more timely and effective management of business relationships

“LeanCOST saves a significant amount of time in the complex process of choosing production technology. Thanks to the ADVANCED interface, designed for use by industrialists, we can achieve a very high level of detail and control during the entire cost analysis activity”.

BLM Group

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Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.