More precise and faster in the selection phase of production technology thanks to LeanCOST


For over forty years, the Biesse Group has been a leader in technologies for processing wood, glass, stone, marble, plastic, and metal.

With an extensive global presence, Biesse develops innovative systems that guarantee excellence in its processes, products, and services. Today, the Biesse brand is synonymous with reliability and quality worldwide.


The main requirement for Biesse was the adoption of a shared tool that would enable full control over product costs, from the early design stages through negotiations with suppliers.

This was aimed at optimising production strategies and managing them according to lot quantity.

Some of the results achieved


Reduction of the average quotation time for products and industrial processes


Annual savings on the cost of purchasing custom-made components


Reduction in average negotiation time with suppliers


Reduced time-to-market in new product development.

Behind BIESSE’s success:


LeanCOST was introduced within various business units with more than a hundred workstations installed.

LeanCOST has significantly improved the cost budgeting phase.

LeanCOST has facilitated the management of information flow among various stakeholder in a smoother and more effective manner.

“Since we started using LeanCOST, we have been able to conclude negotiations with our suppliers more quickly and effectively, resulting in an annual reduction of about 5% in the purchase costs of drawing components“.

Biesse Legno

Purchasing Director

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.