3F Ingranaggi

Cost as a target, performance as a must


3F INGRANAGGI, with over forty years of experience, is a leading company in the design and production of gears and transmission components, leveraging innovative technologies and solutions for both the Italian and foreign markets.

Positioning itself as a partner to its customers, the company assists them from the design phase through to the delivery of the finished product.


3F INGRANAGGI was searching for a flexible and customisable tool to streamline, objectify, and analyse the cost estimation process, aiming to reduce both time and associated risks.


Behind 3F Ingranaggi’s success:


With LeanCOST, the company was able to:

Obtain accurate and objective quotations.

Improve collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Optimise company margins, thanks to the identification and elimination of cost drivers right from the design phase;

Facilitate the sharing and exchange of information between the various departments involved (sales office and production area) in the Cost Management process.

“With LeanCOST, the quotation process was streamlined, resulting in expedited product delivery to the customer and clear time and cost savings”.

3F Ingranaggi

Sales Manager

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.

Obtain the same results.

Become the next case study.