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LeanDESIGNER is the software to support the design and revision phase of 3D models according to the principles of Design for Manufacturing and Design to Cost.

Integrated with popular 3D CAD systems, LeanDESIGNER identifies potential manufacturability issues by suggesting changes needed to models, to achieve the optimum shape. It provides an estimate of the production costs of the model during design, indicating the impact of each individual feature on the final cost. This makes it possible to optimise the geometry of the model with a view to reducing product development costs.

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Optimize 3D models and create better products faster and more cost-effectively.

The benefits of Design for Manufacturing and Design to Cost

Optimisation of 3D models at the design stage
  • Analyses the geometric characteristics of the 3D model;
  • Highlights potential bottlenecks in manufacturability and suggests ways to improve;
  • Reduces model revision time and production costs
Identification of potential savings opportunities
  • Provides an estimate of production costs directly from the 3D model (raw material and production processes);
  • Highlights the impact of each feature on the final cost;
  • Assesses the cost impact of design changes in real time.
Better design control
  • Quickly compare design alternatives, highlighting the difference in cost;
  • Allows you to choose the best design solution;
  • Compares analyses performed by monitoring geometric KPIs, providing real-time trends.
Distribution of knowledge on production processes
  • Supports the designer in the validation of the model;
  • Adds important technical production details in an intuitive way.

How it works

The analysis runs in the background without interrupting your work, allowing you to continue modelling within CAD.

LeanDESIGNER highlights critical issues within CAD and suggests changes to be made to optimise the 3D model. It provides you with an estimate of production costs and helps you choose the raw material.

Correct potential model manufacturability issues and features with the greatest impact on costs.

Analyse the optimised 3D model with LeanDESIGNER and discover the benefits obtained. You are shown the trends in geometric KPIs and the cost savings achieved.

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