The software for rapid production time and cost estimation

Your smart solution for costing

LeanCOST is a software solution for costing based on an analytical calculation approach. It allows the optimisation of product costing and automatic quotation generation to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of your company.

Thanks to its integration with the most popular 3D CAD systems, it can automatically analyse and extract the geometric characteristics of the model and associate a specific processing cycle, providing as output an objective estimate of production time and cost.

LeanCOST 12: even more powerful and high-performance

LeanCOST 12 is a highly modular innovation that enables optimised geometric recognition of the most complex shapes.

It offers new cost models for handling volumetric milling and automatically identifies the most challenging bends and serrations in the considered model.

Simplify complex operations with intelligent automation!

Discover LeanCOST in action.

Obtain an accurate estimate of production times and costs for your product directly from the 3D model.

The benefits of Cost Analysis and Cost Management

Accurate time and cost estimates
  • Obtain an accurate estimate of your product’s production time and costs from the 3D model in minutes.
  • Simulates alternative scenarios, based on quantities, machine availability and feasibility.
  • Identify the best production strategy.
Instant quote calculation
  • Reduce the time to generate quotes from any 3D model.
  • Respond quickly to enquiries from your current or potential customers.
Reduction in average negotiation time.
  • Improve cost information sharing between customer and supplier;
  • Achieve greater collaboration with suppliers, reducing negotiation time.
Error reduction
  • Positively impact profits by reducing human error;
  • Obtain a single repository with defined rules shared between departments.

How it works

Analyses and extracts geometric parameters from uploaded 3D CAD models and design specifications.

It recognises the product structure, even multi-vessel, and automatically generates the BOM. Costing of all parts is carried out immediately and efficiently thanks to automatic recognition.

Determine the cost/quantity diagram and calculate the economic production lot. It is the best support for make-or-buy decisions.

It automatically imports the costs of raw materials, trade components and cost centres present, and exports all calculated time and cost information to ERP systems. Connection with PLM/PDM systems allows files generated within the systems to be saved and previous costings to be retrieved

One software, multiple use cases


  • Optimization of the raw material based on an updated database of the starting raw materials available on the market
  • Comparison of times and costs on production alternatives
  • Benchmark suppliers through mapping of available technologies and machines
  • Archive (Vault) shared between users with saving, search and recovery functionality for analyses
  • Scheduling of massive analyzes of multiple codes
  • Generation of detailed and configurable reports of the production process
  • Automatic generation of configurable quotes

The managed Models

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