November 9, 2022 Hyperlean

Software serving business management


To foresee, monitor and manage costs and production time with the LeanCOST platform curated by Francesco Leyx, managing director of Hyperlean and Giovanni Picca, CEO of Creasys.

“The future belongs to those companies that are willing to interpret change through flexible strategies, and oriented towards solutions that involve the cheapest production processes andstrategies”.

Planning an economic strategy is a fundamental competitive advantage for any type of company.
They know it very well at Hyperlean, an Ancona-based company founded as a spin-off of Marche Polytechnic University, with the aim of supporting companies in maximizing their profits by optimizing production costs. “We started from the needs of the leading companies in our region, Marche, considering both the client and supplier side,” explains managing director Francesco Leyx, “and developed our Lean-COST software, which is ideal for forecasting, monitoring and managing production costs and times from the earliest design stages.

We have grown so much that in 2020 we became part of the Creasys ecosystem, a company boasting over
20 years of experience in governance, cost, risk and compliance management services. 

Our software products have implemented the cost management solution that Creasys offers on the global market together with its partners. Today, as a result of this partnership, we are growing
fast on an international scale and we can support our customers ever more, through a solid network. 

The company’s primary mission is to offer assistance and to support customers with the most suitable solutions based on their needs:

 “We should not be product-centric, but always remember that the focus in on the customer” – continues Leyx -.

The product is a technical tool for solving a company’s business problems and improving its efficiency, with an eye to Industry 4.0. 

We evaluate the production costs of the industry and then calculate the most effective strategies to reduce companies’ costs. 

A very important factor is that we take into account the costs of raw materials, constantly monitoring their fluctuations, and regularly providing this service to our customers. 


With LeanCOST software, we help companies verify the efficiency of their suppliers in terms of cost and production process. The most representative software is precisely LeanCOST, developed to ensure an innovative solution for product costing and budgeting. 

“It is basically a communication and evaluation platform for the purchasing manager in talking to their suppliers,” specifies Giovanni Picca, ceo of Creasys. 


The main purpose is to support companies in maximizing their profits by optimizing product costs. 

We also support medium-high mechanical companies participating in supply tenders. 

We help them build clear, objective quotes in a very tight time frame, in an automated mode.” 

From the loading of the 3D model, LeanCOST can automatically recognize the pattern that needs to be created, identify the starting raw material and define the most economical production strategy, providing detailed analysis of production times and costs. The added value for our customers consists in obtaining a specific solution to increase their business. 

“After evaluating and understanding the customer’s needs, we offer the most suitable solution. 

The most important aspect is that we evaluate and calculate the return on investment that has been obtained by saving money, creating new opportunities and reducing the production time of estimates. We calculate exactly the money saved and the supply tenders obtained. With the precise report on the savings made, we help the manager to effectively evaluate the return on investment required to purchase our services. 

Often companies have neither method nor time to go and measure the savings and efficiency of their processes, that’s why we do that for them, offering them an added value”. 

The commitment that does not stop here and is confident about the future:

 “Our goal is to improve our ability to capture the business needs of our clients and offer increasingly effective and concrete answers to the industry”, Leyx concludes. 

Moreover, we want to implement new industrial processes to expand the fields of application of our software. Finally, given our strong presence on international markets – France, Germany, England -, we have started a partnershipagreement with China”. 



by Cristiana Golfarelli

Golfarelli Editore