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We help manufacturers optimize product costs

Hyperlean’s talent-rich team helps and assists enterprises to accurately estimate the cost of their component parts.
We analyse your components with LeanCOST and share with you the results of time and cost productive cycle.

A team of experts at your disposal

Quick and accurate times & costs estimations

Feasibility check of your 3D models

How does it works

Send your 3D file (steps or native format) and 2D technical drawing

Wait for our feedback: it might be a confirmation or a request of integration/revision

Approve economical quotation you will receive by e-mail

Get the results of the analises. It includes all details of productive cycle both in Excel and PDF format.

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Managed models


Welded groups

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Machining components

Injection moulding

High pressure die casting


Sheet metal stamping

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Get detailed analysis of times and costs of production cycle

Save time on budgeting

We analyze from the easiest components to the most complex assemblies

Accuracy and reliability of results

Rigorous NDA to protect your confidential information

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