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“Da quando usiamo LeanCOST siamo in grado di chiudere trattative con i nostri fornitori in modo più rapido ed efficace, e questo si traduce nella riduzione dei costi di acquisto di componenti a disegno,  pari a circa l’1,5% annuo.”

Direttore Ufficio Acquisti – BIESSE Legno

For more than forty years, the Biesse Group has been known as a worldwide leader in machine technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal. With a global presence all over the world, Biesse develops a comprehensive range of distinctive solutions guaranteeing process, product, and service excellence. Nowadays, the “Biesse” brand globally means high quality and reliability.

The company needs

The product cost estimation process was complicated, costly, and subjective since it was based on Excel file. In order to adopt a systematic approach for business process improvement, one of the biggest problems of Biesse Group was the lack of a corporate tool enabling a full control over manufacturing costs. In fact, Biesse missed a unique and structured vision about manufacturing costs management and a knowledge sharing among all the business areas in order to optimize the selection of the manufacturing strategies and their management according to order quantity.

The benefits

LeanCOST has been implemented within all the company business units with over 100 workstations. Nowadays, designers, technologists, and purchasing department staff can easily manage manufacturing costs by using dedicated user interfaces that enable an effective and complete information management and exchange. LeanCOST has definitely enhanced the product cost estimation process in Biesse mainly thanks to its integration with the 3D CAD models: indeed, the platform enables an automatic data recovery directly from the 3D geometry and makes product cost estimation and management easier and faster with high accuracy and precision. From now, it is possible to get an “estimated cost” by a precise and detailed estimation from the earliest design stages, making a prompt evaluation of the economic feasibility of different design alternatives with high process efficiency.

Since we are using LeanCOST the faster and more efficient negotiations we have with our suppliers allow us having a sensible cost savings of the purchasing costs on designed components of about 1,5% per year Purchasing Director – BIESSE Wood Division

The tangible benefits achieved by the Biesse Group thanks to LeanCOST are:

·   Reduction of time spent in product cost estimation (60%)

·   Reduction of time for negotiation with suppliers (30%)

·   Reduction of time-to-market for new product development (50%)

·   Reduction of purchasing costs on designed components (1,5% per year)

LeanCOST is a fundamental tool for Biesse to support decision-making thanks to a more company focus on the most strategic activities and their overall optimization. LeanCOST has definitely improved the product cost estimation process by enabling an effective knowledge and data exchange between the key figures involved thanks to a greater precision and speed of the whole process.


Industry: Machines for the processing of wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal
Headquarters: Pesaro (Pesaro-Urbino), Italy
Employees: 2700


·        Faster product cost estimation

·        More control over costs

·        Reduction of time for negotiation with suppliers

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