September 10, 2019 Hyperlean

New Partnership North American Market

Important update for north american manufacturers looking to fully understand the cost of their product, for use in early design insight, supplier negotiations, capital acquisitions, and bid award.
We joined in a partnership agreement with Ibis Innovation, a consultancy that provides expertise, solutions, and technologies that have a significant impact on company performance.
Located in historic Maynard, Massachusetts, Ibis Innovations is committed to providing solutions and services that drive cost knowledge and profitability for manufacturers.
We have partnered to provide the North American market with LeanCOST, a revolutionary solution that provides early insight into product manufacturing cost.
Ibis Innovations, with over 30 years of manufacturing and product cost expertise, will be the provider of LeanCOST product and services for North America.
Contact us now to learn how our solutions can help you understand your profitability.

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