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The innovative software solution for the Product Cost Management

LeanCOST is the innovative software solution which simplifies and speeds up the estimation of manufacturing times and costs from the earliest design stages.
Thanks to the integration with the most popular commercial 3D CAD systems, it automatically obtains the geometrical product specifications and defines the relative manufacturing processes.
Ensuring speed and control, LeanCOST optimises the cost-estimating activities and thereby helps to make the most convenient choices.

​Increase the accuracy & speeds of RFQ Responses

LeanCOST provides you with the ability to calculate detailed cost estimates using nearly any major 3D CAD model as a primary input. This dramatically reduces the amount of manual input required and allows a cost estimator to respond faster to customer RFQs.

Achieve target cost simulating manufacturing strategies

LeanCOST allows choosing the technologies to be implemented during the manufacturing process and selecting the cheapest strategy by simulating the manufacturing costs based on the quantity, machine availability, and the technological feasibility.

Compare design alternatives & eliminate cost drivers

Automated costing let’s you quickly cost design alternatives for individual components and product assemblies to identify potential savings opportunities.

How LeanCOST works

Looking for a fast way to obtain an accurate cost estimation of your product? Learn how LeanCOST can help!

Increase the accuracy & speed of RFQ responses?
With LeanCOST you can!

Key Features


Immediate cost estimation on the 3D model

Automatic analysis of product geometry and extraction of geometric parameters starting from the upload of the 3D CAD model and design specifications.
LeanCOST reads any 3D model and determines a complete and detailed quotation in the easiest and quickest way. The dedicated user interface drives you through the main steps.

BOM creation and automatic estimation

Thank to the automatic identification of product structure (even multi-level) and the capacity to generate the BOM, estimation is performed in a fast and effective way. Furthermore, LeanCOST is able to import a list of commercial codes with their unitary costs.

Scenario analysis

LeanCOST allows choosing the technologies to be implemented during the manufacturing process and selecting the cheapest strategy by simulating the manufacturing costs based on quantity, machine availability and the technological feasibility.

Customizable database

You can customize the database with your own data and create a digital workshop for simulating manufacturing times and costs and for generating quotes.

Integration with enterprise’s systems

ERP CONNECTION: Export of all the information related to time and costs calculated by LeanCOST to ERP sysitems; Automatic import of raw material costs, commercial components, and cost centers from ERP systems to LeanCOST.
PLM/PDM CONNECTION: Upload and save files generated by LeanCOST within the PLM/PDM system; Management of analysis files performed and possibility of automatic recovery during assembly costing.

Key users

LeanCOST is the platform for product cost and time management. It enables an effective information exchange between the key figures involved by deploying a set of tailored user interfaces. Indeed, each figure can analyse the product costs with a different level of detail and use the system features to efficiently and fully support its work, thanks to the control on each production stage through geometric and technological parameters.​

To develop sustainable and economic projects, considering process costs and defining the most efficient design variables.
To choose the best production technologies by comparing different production strategies and assessing costs and time on both single components and complex assemblies.
To evaluate the product economic feasibility in terms of “make” or “buy”, and compare the quotations from different suppliers and overseas producers or supply networks.
To quickly estimate the manufacturing costs and cost variability according to the quantities produced, and to prepare quotations in an automatic way based on the customers’ needs.

Handled models


Welded groups

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Machining components



estrusione alluminio

Aluminium extrusion

Injection moulding

Die casting

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Sand casting


Sheet metal stamping


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