May 18, 2015 Hyperlean

LeanCOST 7.0: inspired by you

Learning from experience and making continuous improvements to develop an increasingly powerful and smart software that can meet the specific needs of your business: this is the way of thinking behind our constant research and development activities on LeanCOST.
Today (May 18, 2015), Hyperlean presents the new LeanCOST release 7.0, the result of our work, but also of your precious feedback and suggestion.
New modules and features, simpler interfaces, development of geometry parameters extraction, new processes, updated machines and materials database.
These are just some of the news that you will find in LeanCOST release 7.0, which will revolutionize the way you estimate manufacturing costs in your company.

Send an email to to have more detailed information about the new LeanCOST features.