Hyperlean announces the release of a new version of LeanCOST, the innovative solution enabling instant cost evaluation from 3D CAD Data. LeanCOST 10 is released with new improvements and features that will delivery to all our customers’ faster performance and better productivity.


New "Sheet Metal Stamping" Module

LeanCOST automatically recognizes sheet metals stamping and deep drawing processes thanks to the new module that will allow to estimate these new geometric shapes.

New cost models

We have developed new cost models for some techonologies, including “Sheet Metal Stamping”, and we are made even more accurate the cost models for toothing processes and aluminum extrusion.

New Batch Module

LeanCOST’s Batch Module allows you to export results in many more formats: in this way will be easier the integration with different enterprises’ system.

Geometry recognition engine improved

We have improved the geometry recognition engine particularly in turning and milling recognition algorithms.

New management of raw materials

A more detailed database of materials and raw materials that will allow more complete estimations on the most suitable stock to be used.

ClickOnce​ Technology

Microsoft’s ClickOnce Technology allows the creation of automatically updated applications, eliminating times & costs of distributing new releases.

Support for the latest CAD versions

LeanCOST is always updated with the releases of the major cad vendors on the market to guarantee the connection and compatibility with the latest available versions.

Graphic interface improved

LeanCOST can be used in high resolution, thank to the compatibility with the new 4K & 8K screens. The interfaces of the material choice and weldes managementand have been improved.

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