Hyperlean’s Commitment to the Manufacturing Industry: Success Stories

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape dominated by global challenges and ever-increasing demands for efficiency, accurate cost management is a key factor for the success of manufacturing companies.

Hyperlean, an Italian software house leader in the development of costing solutions, is a strategic partner for companies that want to digitize and optimize their processes, improving profitability and competitiveness on the market. Today, Hyperlean collaborates at national and international level with the largest industrial groups belonging to the following sectors: Automatic Machines, Carpentry, Automation, Automotive, Oil&Gas, Aerospace, Defense and Third-party Mechanical Processing.

Thanks to LeanCOST, one of the company’s software solutions, Hyperlean offers a comprehensive, flexible and analytical system for production cost management.

Through an intuitive and dynamic interface, it allows to:

  • Reduce quotation time: automates calculation and analysis processes, drastically reducing the time required to create accurate and reliable quotes;
  • Improve cost control: access to a complete and detailed view of all production costs, for accurate and strategic control;
  • Increase efficiency: optimizes production processes and identifies areas of inefficiency, promoting greater productivity and tangible cost savings;
  • Improve decision-making: bases strategic decisions on accurate and up-to-date data, for greater awareness and a more effective decision-making process.

LeanCOST is perfectly suited to the needs of companies of different sizes and complexities, operating in numerous industrial sectors. Its flexibility makes it an ideal tool for cross-functional work, promoting collaboration and information sharing between different company groups and personalized use by the design, purchasing and sales departments.

As a testament to the effectiveness of LeanCOST, several manufacturing companies have already successfully adopted the solution. One example is the case of Biesse, a world leader in technologies for the processing of wood, glass, stone, marble, plastic and metal.

Thanks to LeanCOST, Biesse has:

  • Reduced cost quotation time by 60% in the design department, improving accuracy and speed in calculating production costs;
  • Improved communication between the design and purchasing departments, thanks to the sharing of accurate and up-to-date information on component costs
  • Optimized negotiation processes with suppliers, thanks to a better understanding of production costs and greater transparency in negotiations.

The results achieved by Biesse demonstrate how LeanCOST is an effective solution for large manufacturing companies that want to improve cost management, efficiency and competitiveness on the market.

Another success story is that of Sacmi, a multinational group leader in the Ceramics, Packaging, Food and Automation machinery sectors. Sacmi, operating in a complex industrial context characterized by strong global competition, needed a reliable solution to improve the efficiency of the quotation process and obtain a more accurate and reliable view of production costs.

Thanks to LeanCOST, Sacmi has achieved:

  • A 15% increase in the accuracy of quotes, thanks to a better estimate of production costs and a reduction in the risk of errors;
  • A 50% reduction in quotation times, thanks to the automation of calculation and analysis processes;
  • An increase in the speed and ease of cost recovery, thanks to the integration of LeanCOST with the ERP and PLM systems present in the company.

These are just some of the success stories that demonstrate how LeanCOST has supported, and continues to support, the achievement of efficiency and competitiveness goals of companies.

To discover other success stories, please visit the Case Study section.


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