August 2, 2023 Hyperlean

Hyperlean and Velocious Tech Solutions.

The new strategic partner for the Indian and international market.

The partnership between Hyperlean and Velocious Tech Solutions LLC represents a strategic evolution for Hyperlean’s expansion in the Indian and international markets.

Thanks to the synergy of skills and resources, this agreement provides an opportunity for both companies to grow and expand their presence in the market. They aim to offer advanced software to their customers, capable of tackling the challenges of the modern industry with innovative and sustainable approaches.

Together, the two companies will be able to provide tools and software services for analytical costing, with the ambitious goal of covering 90% of the target market.

 Hyperlean, a leading company in Italy for mechanical costing software with a globally expanding market, has found a strategic partner in Velocious Tech Solutions, which possesses solid experience in the industrial sector both nationally and internationally.

One of Hyperlean’s products, LeanCOST, is designed to interface with the 3D models of the most common CAD software on the market and provide accurate estimates based on an analytical approach. It can significantly reduce the overall time required for cost estimation by standardizing the quotation process. This software facilitates the internal flow of information within the company, enabling better cost management and smoother communication between departments.

Velocious Tech Solutions is a global company specialized in delivering innovative technological solutions and services for costing. Their team of engineers provides strategic software solutions that align perfectly with Hyperlean’s skills and ambitions.

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