March 9, 2019 Hyperlean

Grenke®, the new financial service offered by Hyperlean

As of today, Hyperlean offers to its customers a new financial service: Grenke® operating lease.
It is an effective and safe tool that guarantees to firms reliable leases at the best conditions.

What is an operating lease? The operating lease (or operating rental) is an alternative to purchasing or classic leasing.

With a periodic fee, it makes available to an entrepreneurial activity a good for a pre-established duration with a series of related services.
It is not considered as a classic loan, but as the supply of a service.

With more than 35 years of operating rental experience, Grenke® successfully operates internationally on small ticket IT sector. The services offered by Grenke® are based on simple, streamlined and efficient procedures that guarantee assistance and customized local advice.
As a result, companies can begin a path to technological innovation with less risks and worries an having more time to dedicate to their business.

Main advantages of operating lease:

  • Maintenance of the liquidity: the lease maintains capital and improves credit capacity
    • Greater planning security: constant fees simplify cost planning
    • More investments in less time: low and regular fees rather than an onerous investment
    • Increased and always update technological flexibility, thanks to the ‘exchange option’

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