Saving time to estimate costs

“Advanced technology is fascinating, and we are proud of how users can benefit from LeanCOST.“
Purchasing Department – Prima Industrie


Prima Industrie Spa manufactures laser systems for industrial applications and sheet metal machines. With over 35 years of experience, the Group has installed about 12,000 machines in more than 70 countries and it is among the leading worldwide manufacturers in its market.

Long negotiations and high purchasing costs for design components were representing a big obstacle to the whole efficiency of the Prima Industrie Group. An unstructured process that was relying just on individual experience was making the manufacturing cost estimation process time-consuming and resource-intensive. The tool that can best meet the needs of the company would quickly provide complex estimates without sacrificing data accuracy. Indeed, objective results would greatly improve supplier negotiation and ensure full control over product cost management.


Thanks to LeanCOST, purchasing department can better manage negotiations with suppliers and improve cost management strategies.

The tool can really support many important decision-making processes: giving the information required in a short time, it allows evaluating quotes of different suppliers and making more convenient choices, based on objective and reliable estimates. The good results achieved thanks to LeanCOST determined an extension to the design area, providing visibility to product costs at the earliest stages of design.

Today with LeanCOST, Prima Industrie manages and controls product costs across the organization, it has more negotiation power along its supply chain, and it has a greater control of costs improving the overall financial results of the company.

Other benefits obtained thanks to LeanCOST are:

  • Saving time to estimate costs;
  • Better management of negotiation with suppliers;
  • High loyalty of the strategic suppliers;
  • More control over purchasing costs.