LeanCOST: the innovative solution for cost estimation

Thanks to LeanCOST we have reduced errors by 50% and the time dedicated to cost estimation.”

Cefla – Operations Manager


Born in Imola in 1932, Cefla has established itself all over the world to become today a large multi-business group that relies on its business heterogeneity. With 1,900 employees, 26 locations around the world including 14 manufacturing plants, the company has 5 divisional groups operating in different business areas, such as:

  • Civil and industrial plants;
  • Furnishing solutions for supermarket chains;
  • Finishing production lines, including painting and decorating;
  • Dental and medical equipment;
  • LED technologies.


In 2014, Cefla starts to implement an extremely ambitious business reorganization project with the aim of optimizing all the internal processes and making the Business Unit’s structures more homogeneous.

LeanCOST enters the corporate context as a tool with a very precise role: managing and controlling product costs. Before the LeanCOST introduction, costing was a highly subjective and inconsistent activity.

The company was looking for a tool that would enable users to quickly understand the cost consequences of their design, manufacturing, or sourcing decisions. Skills and knowledge would no longer have to remain a heritage of few figures but shared among the many departments that are in charge to provide cost estimates.


The aim to simplify estimates analysis led to a systematic use of the LeanCOST software platform to support designers, technologists, and purchasing team from each Business Units.

Nowadays, they can easily manage manufacturing costs and enable an effective and complete information exchange on product costs.

By allowing the direct import of any 3D CAD models, LeanCOST can retrieve the BOM and automatically recognize all the involved processes by reducing errors and time for generating estimates by up to 50%.

Thanks to the interaction with the other business systems (CAD, PLM, ERP), the tool makes the Product Life Cycle faster, starting from the design phase to the market release. In addition, the many advanced cost models allow the company to daily broaden knowledge on cost issues, especially where there is no internal production. This aspect fosters the dialogue with suppliers on a more objective basis.

With LeanCOST Cefla achieved relevant goals:

  • Predicting the real value of components and assemblies;
  • Quick simulation of different design solutions with real-time evaluation of the impact of technical changes on cost;
  • Introduction of a shared standard methodology in cost estimation across the Business Units;
  • Increased knowledge on manufacturing technologies;
  • Reduced purchasing costs thanks to greater collaboration with the Supply Chain.