LeanCOST for fast and reliable costing

“Since we are using LeanCOST, we are able to negotiate with our suppliers in a faster and more effective way. Thanks to LeanCOST we have reduced the purchase costs of design components, equal to around 1.5% per year”
Purchasing Manager – BIESSE


For more than 40 years, the Biesse Group has been known as a worldwide leader in machine technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal. With a global presence all over the world, Biesse develops a comprehensive range of distinctive solutions guaranteeing process, product, and service excellence. Nowadays, the “Biesse” brand globally means high quality and reliability.

Due to a complex and expensive product cost estimation process, based on Excel File, Biesse Group was looking for a corporate tool able to provide a full control over manufacturing costs. In addition Biesse needed to improve communication between the various company departments involved in the cost management process.

LeanCOST has been implemented within all the company business units with over 100 workstations. Nowadays, designers, technologists, and purchasing department staff can easily manage manufacturing costs by using dedicated user interfaces. LeanCOST has definitely enhanced the product cost estimation process in Biesse mainly thanks to its integration with the 3D CAD models. The innovative software platform reads any 3D model and determines a complete and detailed quotation in the easiest and quickest way. In this way, it is possible to get a detailed estimation from the earliest design stages, making a prompt evaluation of the economic feasibility of different design alternatives.
The benefits achieved by the Biesse Group thanks to LeanCOST are:

  • Saving time spent in product cost estimation (60%);
  • Reduction of time for negotiation with suppliers (30%);
  • Increase time-to-market for new product development (50%);
  • Cut purchasing costs on designed components (1,5% per year).