3F Ingranaggi

Automated quoting with LeanCOST

“With LeanCOST it was possible to obtain automated quoting and speed up the delivery of the product to the customer with a clear saving of time and costs.”
Sales Manager – 3F Ingranaggi

With more than 40 years of experience, 3F INGRANAGGI is a leader company in the design and construction of gears and transmission components. Thanks to innovative solutions and technologies, the company is keeping its competitive advantage in Italian and foreign markets. In fact, 3F INGRANAGGI is the right partner supporting its customers from the early design stages to the final product delivery.

The big amount of offers to send to customers and the lack of a standardized method for the estimation of manufacturing costs led the company to choose LeanCOST as a shared and reliable software tool ready to satisfy the company needs. The necessity – at the beginning shown by sales office – was to achieve a lean, objective, and analytical costing process that may have a lower risk and may be independent of the other business units. In order to reduce waste of time and resources since from the first negotiations’ stages, 3F Ingranaggi was looking for a tool able to generate an objective quotation.

“LeanCOST is currently used in a shared manner by the sales office and the production area; it provides a set of detailed and accurate data, allows preparing precise and objective estimates, simplifies the collaboration with customers and supplier, and improves the information exchange, within the several units.” – 3F INGRANAGGI Sales Manager.
Thanks to LeanCOST, the main benefits achieved are:

  • Saving time spent for product cost estimation;
  • More precise and reliable estimates;
  • Better collaboration within the company business units;
  • Improvement of the company incomes and reduction of risks.