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Software solutions that optimize product development process, lead cost savings and accelerate time to market

What we do

We provide innovative software platforms integrated into 3D CAD and management systems to support product configuration, design and cost estimation.
Our solutions allow you to compare alternative production strategies, identify and eliminate potential manufacturability issues during preliminary design phases, analyze costs and manufacturing times in detail and automatically generate estimations.



LeanDESIGNER is the new powerful Design for Manufacturing and Design to Cost software integrated with 3D CAD systems, that supports design and revision phase of 3D models.

Cost estimation

LeanCOST is the innovative software solutions that enables manufacturers to quickly estimate times & manufacturing costs from any 3D model.

Product configuration

LeanCONF software allows rapid configuration of products with a CAD-based approach.

Hyperlean for ICOSMOS

Design to Cost e il Design for Manufacturing as have never been seen before

LeanDESIGNER and LeanCOST are part of the specialist tools portfolio for Cost Management of the ICOSMOS solution.

The performance of our software and the expertise of our specialists at the service of ICOSMOS, the platform dedicated to Smart Compliance, Risk and Cost Management.

Why you should choose Hyperlean

An experienced team available for you

We develop tailored software solutions to support corporate competitiveness and meet customer needs.
Cost estimation is very important for your business. We help you and your business up and running.
Here are some reason why many companies chose us:

Innovation: our solutions help your corporate competitiveness;

Expertise: our team takes care of the whole project handling every detail from initial customer needs analysis to software customization, training and post sales activity;

Support: you will be directly in contact with our support staff and managers who are technically sound enough to understand your problems and provide you the solutions. Once the project starts, all your questions will be responded with appropriate resolutions and updates.

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